A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A quick game written for the butterscotch shenanigans 2019 shenanijam, a 48 hour game jam set across 72 hours of time.  Features the chosen theme of DNA Chaos, in a mad scientist who, after making a massive discovery, commits a massive folly, and must quickly escape her own lab. Help her reach the outside with her life and research intact!

Primarily a keyboard only platformer minus a single click input at the beginning, it was written and built with Game Maker Studio 2. Programmed and built by me, art and level design by my sister.

Install instructions

Windows: Simply download and install the exe file. It is a simple installer that will unpack the necessary images and resources then store itself in program files (x86). It will also run after being installed automatically, as long as you leave the box checked.

Mac: Unzip the zip, and run the app inside. 


DrHomeobox.exe 43 MB
DrHomeobox.zip 32 MB

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